Karl Fostvedt

PROBAR® Ambassador

From: Sun Valley, Idaho

Focus: Filmmaker, Backcountry Skiing

I was born and raised in Sun Valley, Idaho and have been skiing my whole life.

While attending college at the University of Utah for Environmental Studies, I started to achieve notoriety as a freeride skier and went on to film ski segments with TGR, Sweetgrass Productions, Good Company, and Poor Boyz Productions. I am currently skiing as an International athlete for Dakine, Anon Optics, and ON3P Skis.

My focus these days is 90% Backcountry skiing, but I still love a good resort day. I spend my winters chasing storms around North America (primarily the PNW) filming as much as I can! My most notable achievement from last season was being crowned the "King of Corbet's Couloir" in Jackson Hole. Looking forward to this season, I'm planning on chasing storms and filming backcountry segments.


PROBAR makes the healthiest and best tasting energy bars on the planet. I've been hooked on PROBARS since I found out about them in college and have been eating their bars ever since. They give me a great energy boost and are irreplaceable when you need a quick snack and don't have a lot of time.

When Not Adventuring

When I'm not adventuring, I'm getting ready for more adventuring. Whether that's wrenching on a snowmobile, building a camper, or editing footage from past adventures to create content to promote future adventures, my life revolves around adventuring.


I spent this past summer building a custom winter camping trailer and plan to spend the entire winter on the road chasing storms. My other goal is to return to Jackson Hole and hold down my title as the King of Corbet's couloir this winter. 

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