Katie Jo Myers

PROBAR® Ambassador

From:Marina Del Rey, CA

Focus: Rock Climbing, Paragliding, Sailing

After I taught myself to do backflips off the couch when I was five years old, my parents thought structured gymnastics classes might be a good idea. I became a competitive gymnast all the way through college, before graduating and suddenly finding myself feeling lost without a sport to practice.

Luckily, I soon discovered climbing! The balance, flexibility, and movement felt very similar to gymnastics and I immediately fell in love! Climbing quickly became a big part of my life and I count myself very lucky that this hobby has now become a full time lifestyle and part of my career.


I believe that PROBAR is such a great company. Not only do I love the plant based products, but also the company’s core values and commitment to sustainability!

When Not Adventuring

When not out adventuring, I love being creative. I spend a lot of my free time writing and working on film and photography projects. I also work as a route setter for a few of my local climbing gyms, coach climbing, and work in content/digital marketing for the outdoor industry.


In climbing, I am looking to send v10, 5.14 sport, and 5.12 trad. It’s going to take a lot of work and training, but I’m really excited to try and reach a new level!

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