Liz Stephen

PROBAR® Ambassador

From: Park City, Utah

Focus: Skiing

I grew up running and alpine skiing as much as I could. I always loved to race, but I definitely loved the activity I was doing more than the competition itself. Alpine skiing eventually turned into more of a passion than a competitive pursuit and I tried cross country skiing out when I was 15 as a way to stay at the Burke, the ski academy I had attended since 8th grade. It instantly stuck mostly because of the team dynamic that I was instantly included in. I believe that was the turning point that made me stick with the sport and continue with it today. My teammates are my daily motivation and inspiration.


As an elite athlete, as well as someone who reacts poorly to gluten, ProBars are one of the few nutrition bars I can eat while I'm training or just on the go that combine my needs for a whole food and gluten free diet as well as a delicious tasting treat!

When Not Adventuring

I love to be outside doing pretty much anything and I really love people.


Our women's team is on a mission of winning a medal in the 4x5k relay at the olympics this coming February. Aside from my ski career goals, I have ambitions to become a nurse practitioner and do something that takes my passion for helping people as well as my first hand knowledge of the effects of being inspired by being a part of a team and create some sort of outlet for those two important elements of life.

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