Mark McInnis

PROBAR® Ambassador

From: Bend, Oregon

Focus: Commercial and editorial photography in the surf and outdoor lifestyle industries.

Mark is known for bringing the natural beauty of the country’s upper left-hand corner to a wide range of clients and projects; with decades invested in the region he delivers the moods, emotions and landscapes of the Pacific frontier in a way few others can.

His work shows the character of a still-unspoiled American territory, out of respect for which his subjects are unlabeled, tracks are covered and he mostly travels alone.


Because it’s the best. Over the years I had tried every bar company out there and when I had my first PROBAR, I realized it was simply different and better than the rest. They’re so good!

When Not Adventuring

I’m always adventuring! Even if I’m not on a job, I’m constantly in the outdoors either surfing, camping, fly fishing, hiking, riding endures through the woods or a combination of it all!


Keep expanding my client base in the commercial realm while still getting off the grid to find waves in the most remote, frigid, places imaginable.

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