Matthew Delorme

PROBAR® Ambassador

From: Golden, Colorado

Focus: Adventure Photographer

Matthew DeLorme is a high-intensity photographer. From vivid, unmanipulated images of the American Southwest, to tight shots of master-craftsmen in concentration or professional mountain bikers caught in action from beneath their wheels; DeLorme's photos vibrate with rebel spirit. For 10 years, DeLorme has inculcated himself in the work and expedition experience of National Geographic photographer Galen Rowell and Sebastiao Salgado. DeLorme's own treks often capture "accessory moments". Rather than focusing on the man-conquers-nature summit of an ice-climb, he might find camaraderie in a candle-lit cabin, bridging the humanistic tone of his photojournalism with his adventure stories.  


I spend long days out in the wilderness covering the top mountain bike athletes in the world. More often than not, healthy meal options are limited. PROBAR is simply the best choice in compact, on-the-go nutrition with organic ingredients, outstanding flavors, and a texture that doesn’t feel over-processed. PROBAR always keeps me fueled and sharp on long days when there is minimal space in my pack.

When Not Adventuring

When not out adventuring I enjoy drawing and painting. I am also an avid cook and on the odd rainy day, I enjoy wasting a bit of time racing slot cars.


Ultimately, to be the best photographer I can be. To push my creativity as far as I possibly can. I want to always be looking for new adventures, new angles, and new ideas. I am currently working on a self-published book about ranching in Colorado, which I hope to finish in the next two years.

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