Tim Kemple

PROBAR® Ambassador

From: Salt Lake City, UT

Focus: Adventure Photographer, Filmmaker

Hi everyone, Tim here. I’m not sure where this story begins… when I was 5 and tied into a rope for the first time, trying to climb 5.13 when I was 13, or when I graduated from college and "moved into" an old RV and fully committed to a “non-traditional" lifestyle. I grew up in southern NH. Hopped in a Van 15 years ago to travel and take pics. Lived in Boulder for a minute. Been in Salt Lake City ever since! I guess no matter where it "begins", I can guarantee I was probably perpetually stoked and most likely penniless.

Today I’m better known for my photographs of world-class athletes pushing the limits of their respective sports, or the films I work on, with the same drive and passion, with my partners at Camp4 Collective than my athletic achievements.


Because its a slice of awesome sitting in your pocket or pack, just waiting for that moment when you need that extra kick in the butt to tag the summit and get home safe :)

When Not Adventuring

I’m a regular at the crags around my home in Salt Lake City, establishing new lines, and a frequent visitor to the big walls in Yosemite.


If we ever cross paths at the local gym or on the hill, do me a favor? Please tell me I’m looking weak! That way I put in that one last burn on the project with some extra fire.

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