Parlez-vous Français?

May 27, 2009

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Oui? Well, while we aren’t fluent in French (yet) we’re very excited that this day has arrived.  We’ve been waiting oh so long, but it’s our good friends and customers to the north, including future customers in Canada who have been so very patiently waiting.

What have they been waiting for?

Two days ago the first bars bound for Canada came out of the PROBAR® kitchen (well, it’s a bit bigger than a kitchen these days) with their fresh dual-language wrapper.  Of course, we started out with Art’s Original as the first flavor for Canada.

Canadian PROBAR - Art’s Original

So now we speak Francais and English and our meal replacement bars are headed north to Canada.

The first store that will offer the bars is Mountain Equipment Coop but many others are lined up and will soon follow. If you pick up a PROBAR® at MEC or any other Canadian store, take a photo and send it in to us.  We’d love to hear about the bars showing up in Canada and to share in the excitement.

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