Past and Present in Amish Country, Indiana

May 16, 2006

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We arrived late last night to drop off the RV for a day of full service at the manufacture (Show Hauler, Truck Company) in Middlebury, Indiana. The company touts “Amish” quality construction cabinetry in the RV’s they manufacture. I assumed there was an Amish shop of cabinet makers somewhere nearby. However, they have several employees who bike to work and build the cabinets on site. Sara and took the kids for a much needed break from the road to a local conference center for fun in the pool and a “real” bed for a few nights while they went to work on our home.

Driving around the community, it felt more like a small European city where folks are more inclined to use small scooters, or in this case, the motor-less, two-wheeled person carrier. As dusk settled in and the mosquitos started to arrive, the small, flashing red lights could be seen on distant streets, fastened to modest black, enclosed horse-drawn carriages taking families home for the night.

The perforated decals adorning the rear windows make it difficult for the girls to see the passing sights and take in the surroundings. They’ll never forget the young children dressed in traditional Amish attire playing around the carriages. They graciously allowed us to photograph the horse and carriage with the kind request to omit them from the picture. We tried to explain to the girls why the Amish follow certain traditions and a very simple lifestyle – hopefully some of what they saw and heard left an impression allowing greater understanding and a desire to learn about others lives and cultures.

Past and present seem to accommodate each other very well in the community. I have to admit, it did seem a bit odd pulling up next to a few carriages in our rolling land-yacht driving down the main drag in Middlebury.

Task complete – the RV is in tip-top shape and ready to sail! Thanks Showhauler for taking care of every last detail and providing an opportunity to visit your great community!

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