Photo Contest: Organic Harvest Month

September 7, 2014

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It’s September, which means it’s also Organic Harvest Month, the time of year that we raise awareness for organic foods and products. In honor of the organic harvest and to celebrate a healthy lifestyle, we think it’s appropriate to give away some free PROBAR® product. Exciting right!? All you need is a smartphone or digital camera and the internet and you have a chance to win!

Here’s how it works: The contest will last two weeks, beginning September 7th. Each week, the contest will take place on a different social media platform.

  • Week 1: Facebook – September 7 – 13
  • Week 2: Twitter and Instagram – September 14 – 20

In order to win, contestants must post a photo on their own page or feed that shows them celebrating Organic Harvest Month. Interpret this however you’d like: buying organic products at the farmers market or your local grocery, picking vegetables in the garden at home, or cooking with organic ingredients are a few ideas. At the end of each week, PROBAR® will choose 2 winners whose photo best exemplifies the spirit of the celebration. Winners will receive a sleeve of PROBAR® product of their choice and PROBAR® t-shirt.

To qualify, you must follow/like PROBAR® on the social media website in which you’re participating, and your post must:

  • be a new post and posted to your own feed
  • have a fun caption mentioning Organic Harvest Month
  • tag @theprobar (PROBAR on facebook)
  • use hashtag #probarOHM

Winner will be named on Monday following the contest week and notified via social media. If you have any questions about the contest, leave a comment and we’ll be sure to clarify. Have fun, and happy Organic Harvest Month!


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