Podcast With Crop to Cuisine

May 6, 2009

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Art was recently invited to be on the regular podcast that the website Crop to Cuisine produces. Their regular podcasts are quite informative and put together quite well.

Although the show is an hour in length I can honestly say that I recommend listening as it provided for me a further insight into Art’s background, his thoughts on food, past work, and other interesting insights. And this coming from someone that has known Art for a couple of years!

Either click this link or right click and “save as” to listen to the entire Crop to Cuisine Podcast

Crop to Cuisine is produced in Boulder, Colorado. It’s focus is to remind people that improving our communities and our world should be a pleasurable, affordable, and delicious experience. While the program is designed to educate the public about the problems of safety, sustainability, and the economics surrounding the food we eat, it’s emphasis is to provide our listeners with easy and accessible solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into daily life.

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