PROBAR® Delivers Whole-food Goodness to the Democratic National Convention

At a critical time when our country’s politicians and aides rely on nutritious foods for stamina to keep them on their “A”game and fuel the candidates, PROBAR® delivers, offering a convenient, great-tasting meal with a delicious dose of sustained energy.

PROBAR® will be distributed at the Democratic National Convention ‘˜Oasis lounge‘ to satisfy the many thousands of busy delegates and media attendees on break. The convention, which is being held in Denver, Colorado, begins today and runs through August 28.

Huffington Press plays host to the Oasis, a 1,300-square-foot “de-stress”lounge. It is located adjacent to the convention hall and offers complimentary yoga sessions, led by internationally renowned yogi Seane Corn, as well as on-site massages, vegetarian dishes, and great music. It is projected that thousands of delegates, journalists, and bloggers will pass through this facility in the next four days.

“It all came together very quickly,’ says PROBAR® sales and marketing director, Jason Lambert. “We knew immediately we should seize the opportunity. The Oasis is the ideal environment for our organic, vegan bars. They’re great as a supplemental meal for busy, on-the-go attendees. ‘

PROBAR® will have a representative at the convention and will be posting blog updates daily from Denver. To keep abreast on daily happenings, PROBAR® highlights, and DNC/Oasis updates, visit the PROBAR® Blog. We’re hoping to catch Barack with PROBAR’s #1 voted Whole Berry Blast in hand!