PROBAR® Launches the Banana Nut Bar

Park City, Utah – PROBAR®, the leader in high-performance, whole food energy bars is pleased to announce the release of its third and newest flavor, the <strong>Banana Nut Bar</strong>. The Banana Nut is filled with the same nutritious ingredients as the original PROBAR® and the Berry Blast flavors, but is blended with the great taste of whole bananas to satisfy hunger while providing a very beneficial potassium boost.

In recent medical studies it has been proven that the proper daily intake of potassium provides sustained energy while assisting in the prevention of high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, kidney stones, and osteoporosis.

The Banana Nut Bar is made from a peanut butter base and contains both banana puree and banana chips to create a wholesome banana taste and a satisfying crunch. PROBAR® developed this delicious new flavor due to the popularity of bananas. Here in the U.S. the average American consumes a whopping 33 pounds of banana per year! Bananas are always ‘in season’ and are a healthy, delicious year round snack. They are also a great source of potassium, fiber, and vitamin C.

PROBAR® is the only bar to provide the combined nutrition and delicious flavor of 17 whole foods and is 100% vegan. Thanks to its balance of essential fatty acids, healthy carbs, and proteins, PROBAR® is the best product ever developed for athletes seeking energy without all the usual preservatives and additives. PROBAR® is also excellent for weight management as a meal replacement. The ingredients are blended, not baked, in order to retain the highest level of vital nutrients possible.

The Banana Nut Bar will be released at the upcoming Expo West trade show held March 24 &amp; 26 in Anaheim, CA and will be available at retail shortly thereafter. Find <a href=”” title=”Retail Locator”>your local PROBAR® retailer</a> or <a href=”;prrfnbr=1368746″ title=”Banana Nut Bar – purchase from PROBAR® online”>purchase Banana Nut Bars online</a>.