PROBAR® Launches the Whole Berry Blast Bar

Park City, Utah – Just in time for summer hiking trips and streamside picnics, PROBAR® is pleased to announce the Whole Berry Blast bar, filled with all the great nutrition of the Original PROBAR®, plus the added antioxidant and flavor boost of blueberries and strawberries.

The Berry bar contains whole blueberries and strawberries, which have been preserved with apple juice and blended with an organic brown rice syrup. The custom syrup, unique to PROBAR®, is infused with blueberry puree prior to meeting the nutty contents of the bar. Peanut butter has been replaced with almond butter. The result is a delicious, rich, almond-berry experience to go with the abundant nutrition and energy found only in PROBARs.

“Our retail customers and fans have been asking for a second flavor for quite sometime. And, after many taste tests we are confident the Whole Berry Blast will live up to our reputation for delivering the most nutritionally sound and flavorful bar on the market today,” states PROBAR® General Manager, Jules Lambert.

PROBAR® is the only bar to provide the combined nutrition and delicious flavor of 17 whole foods and is 100% vegan. Thanks to its balance of essential fatty acids, healthy carbs, and proteins, PROBAR® is the best product ever developed for athletes seeking energy without all the usual preservatives and additives. PROBAR® is also excellent for weight management as a meal replacement. The ingredients are blended, not baked, in order to retain the highest level of vital nutrients possible.

To receive a sample of the Whole Berry Blast bar, please contact Coral Darby at 828.225.4241 or via email at