PROBAR® Partners with Local Montessori School on Community Garden

Company Cultivates Core Values and Sustainability Outside the Office

Park City, UT (August, 2012)—Sometimes it is necessary to step outside the office to carry out a company’s mission. One year ago Salt Lake based natural food company PROBAR® sought to expand their mission by building an organic community garden in partnership with a local Montessori School. This summer, PROBAR® and Dancing Moose Montessori have a garden full of delicious organic lettuce, cabbage, carrots, onions, broccoli, radishes, peas and beans and an education program to show for their healthy, green collaboration.

PROBAR®, whose mission is to inspire healthier living and eating habits, found the organic garden collaboration the perfect outreach program to share its values with the next generation. “The ingredients we use in our bars come from sustainable sources, which have a small impact on the earth and a significant impact on our bodies,” explained Natalie Brown, whose job title is ‘Mojo Maven’ and is responsible for all community activism at PROBAR®. “Our partnership with Dancing Moose allows us to not only practice sustainability but also to educate the next generation on green living.”

Stacy Perkins, Master Gardener at Dancing Moose, agreed with Brown. “The mission statement of our garden is teaching people to eat healthy food, and that fits well with what PROBAR® does,” she said. “We’re teaching children about healthy food, and hopefully, it builds an understanding for them and their families on how to grow their own food and how to know where it comes from.”

Perkins serves as a support system and educator in all things gardening for both the school and PROBAR®. For PROBAR®, she answers the company’s gardening questions (what to plant, what to weed, etc.), keeps an eye on their garden beds for them and meets with them to discuss the garden and help plan future events and projects.

For Dancing Moose, Perkins oversees education as it relates to the garden and the school’s learning greenhouse. In the Montessori-style greenhouse classroom, students choose from different “works” and (depending on their “works” choice) head out into the garden to pull weeds, catch bugs or water plants. Throughout the year, Perkins teaches lessons that revolve around garden topics, such as seeds, plants, insects, dirt, compost, and worms.

Additionally, the school chefs at Dancing Moose have begun utilizing the produce in cafeteria lunches. Every day, they use the vegetables picked from the garden by students to prepare lunch.

In all, how does the community garden work? Sixteen of the beds are sponsored by PROBAR®; Dancing Moose owns other sections; parents of students have others; and a local hotel – Home2 Suites by Hilton – sponsors one bed.

To take care of their beds, PROBAR® sends employees out once a week (typically by department) to care for the beds – weeding and tending to the plants. There is tubing (a drip line) that runs through the garden and waters the plants, but with temperatures at an all-time high this summer, PROBAR® employees have had to pay a little more attention to the garden, making sure the company beds are watered at least every other day. So, employees take turns going to the school and watering the plants.

Not surprisingly, both PROBAR® and Dancing Moose Montessori are multi-year recipients of the prestigious Utah Best of State Award – with the Dancing Moose Community Garden winning a medal this year.

A workshop is scheduled at the Dancing Moose Community Garden from 9 am to 10 am on Saturday, August 18. A Volunteer Workday will follow the workshop from 10 am to 1 pm. Additionally, there will be an end-of-season fundraiser near the end of September or beginning of October. Date is TBD.

For additional information on the community garden, PROBAR® or Dancing Moose Montessori School please contact:

Natalie Brown, Mojo Maven at PROBAR®
(800) 921-2294


Stacy Perkins, Master Gardener at Dancing Moose Montessori School
(208) 410-0366

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