PROBAR® Athlete Keller Rinaudo Getting Ready for ‘Jumbo Love’

October 11, 2011

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PROBAR® Athlete Keller Rinaudo is gearing up for the hardest sport climb in the world, JUMBO LOVE, and PROBAR® is going along for the ride. Keller has been staying strong, discovering new problems and generally traveling the west getting it done, GO KELLER!

“Just finished a month of climbing routes in Rifle, Colorado. Next up is Mt. Clark, located outside of Las Vegas and home of the hardest rock cliimb in the world, Jumbo Love. We have a special 100-meter rope to use on the monster route, and we’re packing tons of PROBARs to fuel our efforts. We’ll spend the first couple days literally constructing a path for the 4-runner through the desert so that we can get to the cliff. This line requires full commitment…”

Thanks PROBAR!

First Look at Colorado’s Newest Bouldering Find, the South Fork from Rock & Ice on Vimeo.

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