PROBAR® Climbing Athlete Andy Raether

September 25, 2007

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At 22 years old Andy Raether is one of the top climbers in the world At age 14 he took up climbing. He climbed his first 5.14a at the age of 16 and since then has nailed down more 5.14 climbs Andy Raether Climbing Half Broken in Cathedral, Utahthan he is years old. At last count he’s climbed 24 of them and to up the ante 12 of them were first ascents.

He is pushing the upper limits of what is possible in climbing and PROBAR® is excited to help be a tremendous source of nutrition and engery for Andy’s persuits in climbing very difficult routes.

Before you dismiss Andy as just another climbing phenom, he’s also very interested in a healthy lifestyle including the food he eats. His mother is a dietition who has continued to stear him in the right direction. He was also once a stockboy at the Rifle grocery store so he’s got a knack for food.

Here are some specs on Andy:

  • Climbing Locations – He’s climbed all over the world including Spain, France,Andy Raether - Climbing Monastary Switzerland, Hueco Tanks Texas, Smith Rocks Oregon, Utah, Wyoming, New River Gorge West Virginia, California.
  • Home Climbing Crag – Rifle Colorado
  • Other Notable Areas – Smith Rocks, Southern Nevada
  • Climbing Highlights – Andy has climbed 4 routes rated 5.14c, most notably was his very own Stockboy’s Revenge in Rifle.
  • Goal in climbing – Andy would like to climb a wall in Sardania, Spain which has long multi-pitch routes that push the upper end of difficulty scale. The endurance and strength necessary for this is beyond what most climbers consider possible.
  • Cross Training Activities – Running, Walking, Stretching, Sit-ups
  • Favorite PROBAR® flavorSuperfood Slam

Check the Blog for up coming interviews and updates with Andy.

Andy Raether - Climbing Stockboy's Revenge

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