PROBAR® Fuels Cuba Cycling Trip

December 13, 2008

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Matt Kadey, Canadian and author of the Well Fed Man blog is headed to Cuba on a bike adventure.

He’s going to be taking PROBAR® along for a little test ride, not willing to press his luck with the Cuban meal replacement and energy bar offerings. This is his first of a few posts documenting the adventure so check back often.

Cuba is renowned for many things including fine music, lovely beaches and top-notch hospitality. But what the land of Castro is often chastised for is it consumable offerings – or the lack there of.

That’s why in planning a 7-week self-supported cycling trip around the island of Cuba (it really is larger than most people believe), my partner, Tabi Ferguson and I have turned to the friendly folks at PROBAR® to help fuel our ride.

We have heard that coming by the necessary amounts of food during the day is anything but guaranteed in Cuba. And, when you are hauling all your gear on two wheels, adequate calories and nutrition is just as important as lycra and the SPF.

As a dietitian and adventure traveler, here are just some of the reasons why PROBAR® will be finding a place in our panniers and tummies.

‘¢ They are not calorie-lite. A 120-calorie bar is not going to sustain too many pedal strokes. We like that the PROBAR® meal replacement bar has a hefty amount of calories in a small package.
‘¢ The ingredients rock. Whole grains, seeds, nut butters, dried fruit and nuts will dish out the nutrients needed to stay energized and healthy while on the road. And probably a welcome respite from beans and rice.
‘¢ So very toothsome. None of the above matters, if a bar tastes like the package it comes in. Every PROBAR® we have tested out is moist and simply ambrosial.

We hope to be updating our progress on the PROBAR® blog as internet connections permit. Now for the big decision. An extra pair of underwear or more PROBARs?

Cuba by bike

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