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November 6, 2009

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Every successful business reaches a point when it’s time to give back. PROBAR® is there. That’s how PROBAR® president Jules Lambries came to talk to MBA students at Columbia Business School this fall at the university’s invitation.


Jules told students at the Eugene Lang Entrepreneurship Center in New York that it’s vital for a start-up to establish connections and develop relationships with successful people in business who can advise and teach. That theme resonated with the audience. Clifford Schorer, entrepreneur-in-residence at the center, said in a note afterward to Jules,

“Your warmth and sincerity came through and sent a great message to these young people. Life is more about honest and truthful relations, and if you take that path the money will follow.”

Brendan Burns, an adjunct professor at Columbia Business School, noted, “Our students were captivated by the combination of, and connection between, (a) customer focus (b) cohesive team (c) value-based approach to business and (d) relentless and optimistic drive.”

“The PROBAR® story is special on many levels, but it really resonated with the students (and the professors!) to hear a firsthand account of world-class brand-building and distribution from the zero stage to thousands of distribution outlets and broad name recognition in less than five years,“ Burns said. “The passion and dedication that Jules brought to our class was truly infectious and inspirational. It was also special to hear about a company that is remaining true to its founding values as it grows.”

But most success doesn’t come overnight. Jules reinforced with students that success requires long-term commitment and passion, business traits that he knows well. In PROBAR ’s early years, Jules and his family lived in an RV while he made sales stops around the country, spreading the word mile by mile and call by call. And success doesn’t mean the selling stops. PROBAR® founder Art Eggertsen is traveling around the United States in an RV now to share the whole foods message, and Jules still travels much of the year.

This last week Jules and PROBAR® CEO Jeff Coleman also met with students at Westminster College in Salt Lake City. The students enjoyed the message and have commented on the PROBAR facebook fan page. Like from Erika Stevens:

Thanks for an awesome presentation! You inspired me to find my authentic dream. You guys rock!

PROBAR at Westminster

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