PROBAR Gourmet: A Delicious New Way to Enjoy a PROBAR For Breakfast

October 12, 2014

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Welcome back to PROBAR Gourmet! Thank you for joining us as we find fun and unique ways to enjoy a PROBAR. In our first post we made yummy PROBAR toast, check it out here.

This week we are trying PROBAR cereal. This was TASTY! I actually really enjoyed PROBAR cereal. I started with our two newest flavors of Meal, Almond Crunch and Strawberry Bliss but honestly you could try it with any PROBAR with numerous delicious combinations.
Cereal Bars

I then chopped up the bars to bite sized pieces…..
Cereal Chop

Added some almond milk……
Cereal Bowl

And voila! ┬áPROBAR cereal! I loved this because the cereal didn’t get soggy. PROBAR is already so moist so it kept its original texture. The cold almond milk with every bite was the perfect compliment to the sweet and chewy PROBAR. I would definitely try this again!
Cereal Spoon

Stay tuned for more ways to eat your PROBAR but for now, enjoy some PROBAR cereal!


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