PROBAR® Parfait – A Recipe of Sorts

September 11, 2007

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Breakfast is tops in my book. Eat a solid breakfast and you’re set for the day. Sometimes a busy schedule may keep you from eating a good breakfast (no, coffee with sugar does not constitute a “good” breakfast) and in those moments grabbing a PROBAR® as a meal replacement is exactly what the food coach would order. However, I wonder how the Koka Moka tastes after dipping it in coffee ala coffee cake. Hmmm…..

I’ll admit that despite how tasty PROBARs can be that once in a while I want to change things up a bit. One morning while staring at a PROBAR® I visualized granola and yogurt which lead me to mix a PROBAR® with yogurt. The results? Go back to bed Grape Nuts and say Good Morning to PROBAR®! Yet another breakfast delight and easy to eat on the go or at the office.

I’ve tried vanilla yogurt with the Apple Cinnamon Crunch and it’s quite tasty. This morning though I mixed Art’s Original Blend with low fat raspberry yogurt and it was just as tasty.

Although it’s quite simple I photographed the process and the results.

If you’ve got a recipe or a way that you incorporate PROBARs into your meals, let me know by commenting below or on the Your PROBAR® Story submission page. I’m thinking my next breakfast mix will be PROBAR® with frozen yogurt, suggested as a breakfast delight from

The ingredients.
Original Probar and Yogurt

Cut up the PROBAR® or if you’re at the office, just tear it up into pieces as the pieces on the left were done. Or grind it, or….you get the picture.
Cutting up the Probar

Drop it into the yogurt and stir it up
Probar Parfait - yogurt and a Probar

Mmmm good. Enjoy!
I can taste the Probar goodness now

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  1. Joe

    Hey Kendall,
    Sitting here having my Nutty Banana Boom breakfast with my third cup o java. No doubt this is a great way to begin the day.

  2. Kendall

    Right on Joe, great to hear from you! Nutty Banana Boom and java sounds like a great beginning to your day. Thanks for chiming in.

    Hope RE:VOLVE is charging forward.

  3. Daisy

    What a genious! Thats so yummy! The perfect breakfast