PROBAR® in India

October 16, 2007

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I’m not entirely sure that PROBAR® is sold in India, but it could happen. I mean, who knew that Tiger Woods would have his own energy drink called Tigerade? Yea, the sky is the limit.Freddie Wilkinson eating a PROBAR in Northern India's Miyar Valley

Weather or not PROBAR® is sold in India is yet to be proven. What I do know for a fact is that they have been to India as Pat Goodman and his two climbing partners Fredie Wilkinson and Dave Sharratt headed off to be one of the first Americans to ever climb in the Miyar Valley of Northern India. Not only were they armed with gear from and Mountain Hardwear, they were also set with some of the best endurance food available – PROBAR®.

Of PROBAR® Pat said:

“I must say before the India trip I never had the pleasure of eating a PROBAR®; they rule! All 3 of us on the expedition, as well as a few Indians, thought the bars were great. More than once I would take only 1 PROBAR® for an all day adventure and felt good in doing so.”

PROBAR® was proud to be a part of their diet while in India. Congradulations to Pat and his team for a successful expedition and a safe return. We look forward to hearing more of their adventures as they set out in the future with PROBAR® to see them through.

Climbing through the clouds in India

Pat Goodman ascends through the clouds on Peak 5960 in Northern India's Miyar Valley

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