PROBAR® Launches New Line of Meal Replacement Bars

April 1, 2015

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BROBARs Are Intended to Appease the Younger Market with Classic Flavors

Salt Lake City, UT (April 1, 2015) In an effort to reconnect with our roots, PROBAR is excited to announce the launch of BROBAR Munchie, a new line of meal replacement bars intended to satisfy the hunger of dudes and gals everywhere. PROBAR, creator of delicious, convenient, plant-based food products, believes that BROBAR fills a void in the range and offers a product that is more approachable and palatable for the younger consumers of today.

Hot on the heals of launching PROBAR bite®, an organic anytime snack bar, the brand worried about venturing too far down the straight and narrow pathway, and that branching out into new markets was paramount for future success. BROBAR Munchie features the same clean, real food characteristics as the rest of the brand’s products, but this time, with classic real food flavors targeted toward the mellow munchie lifestyle.


BROBAR will initially launch with three savory flavors: Jalapeno Nacho, Garlic Grilled Cheese, and Red Curry Crunch. The new line will be available exclusively on PROBAR’s website beginning April 2nd. In order to maintain status as a vegan brand, all ingredients will continue to be dairy-free and adhere to strict non-GMO guidelines.

“The original creator of PROBAR was a part-time snowboard instructor, whose flowing blonde hair just screamed Bro,” explains PROBAR Marketing Director Jason Lambert. “We thought it was time to show respect to our roots by introducing a meal replacement bar specifically designed to appease the bros everywhere. And we’re confident the ladies will dig it too.”


The target market for this product is primarily men, age 18-30, with little to no disposable income, who don’t care too much about what they’re eating, as long as it is real and tastes good. With that in mind, BROBAR stuck to classic flavors commonly craved during times with the munchies.