How to Use a PROBAR to Make a Salad More Exciting

October 26, 2014

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In this installment of PROBAR® Gourmet, we are venturing toward the savory side. And let me tell you, two thumbs way up! I was skeptical at first, very nervous to even try. PROBAR Meal® on a salad? It just didn’t make sense until I tried and I am a firm believer now. Any salad I make from now on will be topped with a PROBAR Meal® bar!

PROBAR salad

I chopped up some lettuce and put some pecans and pear on top. I then cut an Almond Crunch Meal bar into tiny squares and sprinkled them on top like croutons. To dress the salad I mixed a poppy seed and balsamic dressing and tossed the salad together. What I got was pure perfection. The savory balsamic and lettuce blended with the sweetness of the pear and crunch of the PROBAR was delicious. It added the most lovely pop of unique flavor. I loved it! Have you tried PROBAR in an unusual way? Lets hear about it!

PROBAR salad1

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