PROBAR® Multi Sport Athlete Eric Lujan

October 1, 2007

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When Eric Lujan steps up to the starting line of a triathlon, among the professional triathletes he’s certainly a stand out. Aside from being a vegetarian athlete and a thin 5’8″ frame, at 24 years Eric Lujanold he’s considered very young to be competing at the pro lever, especially for a sport where the prime years to compete are from age 28-32. But this is no surprise to many. At age 20 Eric was invited to train for the United States Triathlon development team, which pulls from it’s ranks the Olympic team.

Eric competes in a variety of athletic events representing PROBAR® among other sponsors New Balance, Kaenon Polarized and the Tribe of Santa Ana. So far in 2007 he’s competed in the following events:

  • Marathon
  • Half-Marathon
  • Mountain Biking Hill Climb
  • Mountain Trail Running Race
  • Cycling Road Race
  • Ultra Marathon

When asked which race of the many races he most enjoys competing in Eric responded, “I like really hard courses with hard climbs. Basically anything that is a complete suffer fest.”Italian Fans at the XTerra Italian Nationals

Growing up Eric was introduced to the sport of triathlon after seeing a commercial on tv at 10 years old for a kids triathlon in nearby Albuquerque, New Mexico. Although it would be 10 years before his next tri, the bug to compete had been planted. He swam competitively in high school setting state records. Since then he’s put together an impressive list of finishes in the past 4 years as a pro multi sport athlete.

Top Finished for Eric Lujan include:

  • 1st – Mt. Taylor Duathalon (2005)
  • 8th – XTerra Triathlon Japan (2004)
  • 5th – Las Vegas Triathlon (2006)
  • 11th – XTerra Triathlon Italy (2004)
  • 1st – Santa Fe Hill Climb (2007)
  • 1st – Stealth Triathon (2005)
  • 2nd – New Mexico Premier Mtn Trail Race (2007)

More than anything Eric is a student of healthy living and eating, spending time running a nutrition and fitness coaching business along with donating time teaching younger athletes the ropes. He’s well known for always having fun and being upbeat. He’s even been known for partying well into the night with the Italians at the XTerra Italian Nationals.

A more well rounded and exuberant athlete would be hard to find. PROBAR® is stoked to have Eric representing us as an athlete and ambassador.Eric Lujan Trail Running

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1 Comment

  1. Avondine Hill

    I used to swim with Eric in High School when he started to catch “the bug” as they call it. The morning rides he would give me to school from morning practice while we sang Limp Bizkit still fresh in my memory. Something a lot of people don’t know or haven’t seen is the transformation this young man made from his freshman year of high school to now. It’s an amazing picture to see and I am proud to have known such an awesome person. His consistently positive attitude and willingness to help and train others is a true testament to the person he is. You couldn’t have chosen a better person to represent your product. I’ve now caught the bug and am training for my second triathlon while deployed onboard the USS Abraham Lincoln in support of the soldiers on the beach in Iraq and Afghanistan. Times out here can get repetitive and down but I’ve lost 35 pounds in preparation and though it sounds corny when I get discouraged I think about this young mans accomplishments and hope that I can see a quarter of the success both as a triathlete and person that Eric has. I expect more great things from him and hope to see him in my travels some day in the future. Oh and by the way your bars are delicious and such a fresh taste in an industry clogged with junk.