PROBAR® Named Best of the Show by VegNews

March 26, 2008

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Last week PROBAR® was at the Expo West in California unveiling the new flavors and to our suprise VegNews awarded us best new vegetarian product! To sum it up our new sweet and savory bars were a hit.

Jules Lambries - President of PROBAR, kicks back at Whole Foods in Salt Lake CityAfter hearing about the award I had a chance to chat with Jules Lambries, President of PROBAR®. When thinking about the thousands of products at Expo West it began to sink in just how special this award is.

Q: Jules, you just got back from Expo West, time for a breather?

Just when we think we’re going to hit a straight-away and take a breather for a few weeks, some exciting hair-pin turn or tight corner hits the adrenaline button and we’re off to the races again. This award and the exposure it will bring to us will certainly keep the momentum high paced out of Expo West.

Jules Lambries and Art Eggertsen surrounded by the beautiful Veg News team

Q: How does it feel to have showcased a new product and won, especially since PROBAR® is such a young, small company?

For such a young company, it’s a huge honor to be recognized by VegNews for the top new vegetarian product. There are so many new products (thousands each year) at the show, it’s exciting to be applauded for our efforts by an organization committed to educating consumers about nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Q: What types of comments do you recall from people who sampled the flavors at the show?

Although we were tucked away far from the big display of expensive booths with our little 10×10, over filled box, attendees flocked to our sample trays with compliments and unsolicited accolades for Art’s newest creations….this is the best bar I’ve ever had…what an incredible blend of texture and flavor….this is the best product in the entire show! The last comment was repeated (by my count) 7 times during the show. I’ve attended dozens of trade shows, and this is the first time I’ve ever heard that comment not once, but over and over. Great job, Art!

Art Eggertsen, founder of PROBAR, wins the Best of Show award from Veg News

Art’s master mind for flavor combinations has once again proven a big hit. I can’t wait for customers to start telling us what they think as these new flavors start to show up in stores in May and June. If you’ve got a favorite PROBAR® retailer tell them not to miss out on ordering the new flavors.

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