PROBAR® Not Affected by Peanut Butter

January 21, 2009

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Checking the news lately has all sorts of stories about the salmonella related peanut butter recall. You can’t toss a PROBAR® without hitting another headline.

While some other bar companies have unfortunately had their bars recalled, PROBAR® is fortunate to have a Nut Butter supplier that is completely clear of the salmonella recalls.

Here is a statement from our supplier that we wanted to share with our customers:

…The recall is limited to products made by Peanut Corporation of America as well as products sold under the King Nut Brand. We do not supply, nor are we supplied by either of these companies. ¬†Please be assured we understand your concerns and have procedures and standards in place to maintain the stringent quality and safety of our products.

I ate a Superfood Slam yesterday morning with confidence.  Just the way we intend to keep it.

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1 Comment

  1. How do you prevent botulism in your Probars? Also, what is your safety measure for aflatoxin? Thanks a big consumer of your Bars! :)