PROBAR® Road Trip – and Then There Were 4

September 28, 2006

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Greetings from the humm of steel-tread rubber rolling over miles of concrete, blended with the guttural rumble of diesel!

Sara and I joke about the number of times we’ve moved during the eleven years we’ve been married. We started in Utah, moved to the Ukraine, Moscow, Utah, Washington and now in have lived in 22 states over the last 6 months.

All three daughters joined our family in various parts of the county.

Alexandra was born in Provo, Utah almost 8 years ago. Gabrielle was Born in Bellingham, WA 5 years ago. Elizabeth arrived in Salt Lake, Utah 2 years ago.

Not long after we agreed to hit the road for PROBAR®, we discovered another life altering milestone would arrive 6 months into our promotional tour. Good thing we ordered the RV with an extra bunk in case we had a visitor! Although we knew an inevitable guest would soon arrive, we dismissed the opportunity to prepare with pink or blue after an ultrasound, opting for a wild card sometime during month 9.

After a brief visit with family and friends in Utah, Washington and Canada (Thanks Russ and Delena!), Sara and I loaded up the kids for a return flight to the Boston area to prepare for #4.

Sara’s due date came and passed with mounting anticipation by my visiting mother (temporarily inhabiting bunk #4). Finally, on the fourth day of her visit, the circus and big top was dissembled and stored for the hour drive from Bedford, MA to Milford, NH. The RV
was loaded and ready by 10pm.

Sara Lambries - aka Wonder Woman!

Just over an hour later, our home was parked a couple yards from the rear entrance of the Birth Cottage in Milford. Buzzing with anticipation, the girls found it hard to sleep as if Christmas and the ensuing gifts would arrive with the new day.

After a few hours of TV and visiting with Mom, Sara and I sleepily made our way from our home to the cottage around 4am, working through labor until just before 8-am.

Just minutes prior to our little arrival, the girls and Mom came running into the room. Like Christmas morning full of gifts and joy, our three daughters watched as a little angel floated into our lives, completing our family circle.

Jules Lambries and Family

Although not named after a jolly old man in a red suit, little Nicolas at 23″ long, weighing 9lbs 2-oz is a healthy sized infant.

I can hardly imagine another woman willing to withstand six months of travel while pregnant, parenting 3 active girls, putting up with a very busy husband, and agreeing to have a baby in a place we’ll call home for a few weeks before leaving for the next adventure. I love you Sara! Thanks for another healthy, beautiful child….our Son!

Thanks for your support and enthusiasm for our journey!

The Lambries

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