PROBAR® Sponsors 30 Reasons to Walk

September 10, 2008

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Should I drive? Ride my bike? How about walking?

Walking is something we’re born to do. Although driving is convenient, I know that I wasn’t born to do that.

PROBAR® has teamed up with MBT’s new “30 Reasons to Walk” campaign as a sponsor of this month long event.

Throughout the month of September, 30 Reasons to Walk will motivate people to get on their feet and get moving.

30 Reasons to Walk features messages about the environment, health (physical, mental and spiritual), social interaction and adventure.  Examples of these messages for the body, mind and spirit are:

“We’re Literally Born to Do It.”

“Take the Road Less Traveled.”

“Eat a Big Brownie.’

MBT USA CEO Sheri Poe had this to say about walking.

“Because it’s scientifically proven that walking significantly improves people’s health – and therefore lives – we created the ‘˜30 Reasons to Walk’ campaign to help inspire people to get on their feet and start moving.  As the leaves start to change in September, we love the idea of kicking off a program designed to help change people’s lives. This is only the first of many campaigns that we will launch in the months and years to come.’

Check out their Micro site - for contests and product giveaways.

What is MBT?

MBT is the only footwear that features exclusive, revolutionary and patented worldwide technology designed to limit harmful impact to joints, improve posture and tone muscles – including saving the back, lifting buttocks, toning thighs and flattening abs.

The Switzerland-based MBT International Academy has been and is currently involved in nearly 100 research studies, which are all designed to test the science behind the footwear and improve upon the benefits of and results offered by wearing MBTs. MBT offers a wide range of women’s and men’s styles, which are available in 28 countries around the world.

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