PROBAR® Sponsors the Mountain Film Festival in Telluride

February 27, 2008

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It’s flattering that event organizers approach PROBAR® to have us sponsor various events. Although we’d like to do more of it as a small and growing company we have to be selective and find the best opportunities. It’s even more flattering when an event organizer, who we know is also a customer, writes us something like this:

…I really love your product and would be delighted and honored to partner with PROBAR® in one way or another…

Mountain Film Festival in Telluride

After some consideration we excited to participate as a Base Camp level sponsor for the event in Telluride. We hope the attendees who get a chance to sample PROBAR® will enjoy it. Chances are good the new flavors will be out by then and could make their way to Telluride.

As part of their site they have Mountain Film Blog called “The Conversation” which is quite informative, looking deeper into the film makers, the behind the scenes look at the film festival and other related topics. Regular guest bloggers round out the experience.

So check out the Mountain Film Festival in Telluride or check out one of their many tour stops on the world tour.

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