PROBAR®, The Coffee Companion

November 9, 2007

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(This post was an article I wrote for the Coffee Fest Convention news daily)

Coffee shops are about relationships – shop owners and customers, customers and coffee, the inviting feeling conveyed when walking through the door. Anything offered in addition to coffee has to compliment the relationship. PROBAR®, the whole food meal replacement is fast becoming the healthy alternative coffee shop owners and customers have been seeking.

“It just fits,”says Lauren Paul of Moab’s Daily Grind in Moab, Utah. “It compliments the shop and besides, not every coffee drinker wants a sweet treat or pastry with their coffee.'”Customers are responding to this.”Paul stated that aside from coffee, PROBAR® is the only other item that people come back for.”Repeat business has been steady.”

Alyssa Gladchun, owner of Coffee Grinder in Middletown, RI stated “People that have had them love them.It’s a certain type of person that wants something healthier than a pastry and I’m glad to offer it.’

Health benefits aside, PROBAR’s portability bodes well for coffee shops.

Gladchun continued, “The packaging is good because it catches people’s eyes.It’s THE healthiest thing that we offer and a great option to have.We like it because it gives people on the run a breakfast alternative. They’ll grab this with coffee and go.’

But does it make money sense for a coffee shop to carry PROBAR®?Lily Hemmingway, manager of the Cottonwood Heights, Utah shop Beans & Brews has enjoyed the amount of repeat business.  Although she knew bringing the bars into her shop would be a great addition, it’s the bottom line impact that is making her smile.

“I was excited with the turn around,”said Hemmingway. “I knew were we selling them but when I looked at the numbers it surprised me!’

For Gladchun space was a consideration.  “I’ve only got 180 sq feet to work with so not only does it fit the feel of the shop with a clean, nice package but I put them in a small basket that fits my space needs.’  And unlike her pastries which at the end of each day are discarded, PROBAR® maintains the same quality day to day.  

The healthy lifestyle that embodies PROBAR® not only resonates with coffee shop owners but more importantly with customers.  As the premier whole food meal replacement this raw, vegan and organic product is sought out by health conscious individuals. 

“People want to eat more responsibly,”says PROBAR® President Jules Lambries.  “By eating food that both tastes good and is good for them they accomplish this.’

And at the end of the day that’s the bottom line for PROBAR®; to provide healthy whole food that your conscience and your palate can whole heartedly enjoy.

Whether it’s replacing a missed breakfast, complimenting a cup of coffee or a take along for the afternoon workout it’s evident that an ideal location for people to be introduced to PROBAR® is in their local coffee shop.  After all, that’s where relationships begin.

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