PROBAR® vs Trail Mix

October 8, 2008

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It’s interesting to hear the feedback of others who upon seeing that each PROBAR® has between 370 and 400 calories they shockingly respond something like “No thanks” or “It’s good but…”.

Me, I don’t generally rationalize the calories.  I embrace them.  C’mon, we’re human and humans need energy, real energy.  PROBAR® is a meal replacement bar which also makes for a very good energy bar when you need,o curb the hunger.  GASP!  Yes, a snack.  Let’s consider a couple of scenarios.

Take hiking for example.  How easy is it to grab a small bag of trail mix and eat it while out on a hike? Pretty dang easy, I’ve done it many times.

Now how about at the office? Same trail mix, just sitting there at your desk eating a healthy snack.  I’d say just as easy, if not more so.

Trail mix and PROBAR

So it was the other day that I was offered some trail mix while working outside and for some reason I found it “easier”in my mind to rip it open and snack on it rather than open the Cran-Lemon PROBAR® I had with me. But then I got thinking about it and started to compare Nutritional Facts.  As they say, the numbers don’t lie.

PROBAR®Â                Trail Mix

Calories -           380                       454

Fat (grams) –     17                          30

Carbs –              46                          36

Dietary Fiber -    6                           3

Sugars -             22                          27

Protein -             8                          15

Click the image below and see it large enough to compare the nutritional facts from both packages – keep in mind the Trail Mix has 3 servings while PROBAR® has 1.

  Trail mix and PROBAR - Nutritional Value Comparision

Other than protein where the trail mix exceeded PROBAR® I’d place the PROBAR® above the trail mix as a snack (less calories) and an effective source of energy (less sugar and “real” cabs) saying nothing of the plethora of health benefits that come from ingredients like Fenugreek seed and Cardamom seeds.

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