Salt Lake City is Cool, Really!

January 4, 2008

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It’s funny how so many people from around the country that I meet respond when I tell them I live near Salt Lake City.

Responses range from “Wow, the skiing is great but I couldn’t live there” to “Is there anything to do there, I mean culturally?” Surprisingly to many I respond with “Amazingly it is a great place to live” and “Yes, there is plenty to do, even culturally”.

But don’t believe me, check outNew City Movement's Jesse Walker Jesse Walker’s Salt Lake City based blog New City Movement whose topics range from art, music, theatre, the Salt Lake Scene and to name a few. He’s got some cool views and insights about life in Salt Lake City.

On the topic of food and drink, he blogged about finding PROBAR® at Wild Oats this past summer. It’s cool to meet fellow bloggers that have found PROBAR® and post about it without any solicitation on our part. A product that tastes good enough to blog about is certainly a treat.

And with PROBAR® soon to be based in Salt Lake City this will undoubtedly make SLC extra cool.

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