Shifting Ice and Changing Tides: An All-Female Ski Expedition to Greenland

November 4, 2014

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Last spring, PROBAR® helped support an all-female ski and sail expedition to Greenland. Here’s a short recap, written by expedition member McKenna Peterson:

6 ladies. 3 weeks on a sail boat. 20,000 ft of vertical climbed and skied. 96 PROBAR Meal Bars
and 480 PROBAR BOLTs consumed. It was one of those crazy fun, eye-opening, “how did I get
here?” experiences.

Shifting Ice and Changing Tides was an all female, human and wind powered, ski and sail
expedition to the west coast of Greenland. The goal of our expedition was to ski first descents
while documenting the effects of climate change on the Greenlandic geography and way of life.
Our team was comprised of the mother/daughter duo of Pip and Martha Hunt, FWT competitor
Nat Segal, ripping telemark skier Meghan Kelly, expert beauty-capturer KT Miller, and myself.

The Shifting Ice Team. Photo by KT Miller

The Shifting Ice Team. Photo by KT Miller

The expedition began in Ísafjörður, Iceland where we boarded the beautiful La Louise sailing
vessel, captained by Thierry Dubois. As we left the harbor, freshly formed sea ice cracked
beneath the hull. We were headed to Greenland. Due to the constant fluctuation of sea ice around
the coast of Greenland, we had no assurance of where or when we would be able to reach land.
As the dramatic Icelandic peaks faded into the horizon, a feeling of apprehensiveness and
exposure surrounded our group. With minimal to no sailing experience for the majority of our
team members, we had no idea what we were in for.

Martha, our sailing expert, versed us in the workings of the vessel and we jumped right into
rotating day and night wheel watches. The next six days were filled with learning to navigate
arctic waters, expansive views of nothing but ocean, sea sickness, layering-with-down kind of
cold, and A LOT of dancing.

"How do you drive this thing?" Photo: McKenna Peterson

“How do you drive this thing?” Photo: McKenna Peterson

As the coast of Greenland finally appeared, it was like the terrain had jumped out of our dreams.
Huge peaks protruded straight from the ocean. Ice and snow carved couloirs seen down every
aspect of every face. We made it. Let’s go skiing.

"Which line shall we ski today?" Photo: McKenna Peterson

“Which line shall we ski today?” Photo: McKenna Peterson

The remainder of the trip was spent exploring fjords as we traveled up the West coast of
Greenland, stopping to hike and ski almost every day. The combination of sailing, hiking, skiing,
and being very cold had us physically and mentally drained. On top of that, we were in an
environment where it wasn’t possible to keep many fresh fruits and vegetables. Our diets
changed dramatically the moment we stepped onto the boat. The PROBAR Meal bars provided us with the additional nutrients that we were missing. I may have done a little hoarding of the Superfood
Slam bars… Sorry girls. The bars are what kept us going, day after day, peak after peak, through
hours of sailing and days with no sleep. Thanks PROBAR, you helped us make it happen.

"It's all worth it for 6,000 feet of perfect corn skiing" Photo: McKenna Peterson

“It’s all worth it for 6,000 feet of perfect corn skiing” Photo: McKenna Peterson