Raising The Bar With PROBAR bite™

October 3, 2014


October 1st was a milestone day for PROBAR® as we executed the largest and most important product launch in our 10-year history. PROBAR bite™ is a new anytime organic snack bar made at our production facility in Salt Lake City, Utah that helps solve the all-too-common problem of unhealthy snack choices. PROBAR bite™ is a premium snack bar with broad appeal and a friendly price-point.



Why are we so excited about this product? “Two years ago we created a list of everything we’d like to see in a snack bar,” said CEO Jeff Coleman. “And we stuck to it.”

Our company mission states that we will “always maintain our commitment to quality, sustainability and fantastic taste.” We knew that our snack bars needed to not only be tasty and nutritious, but also vegan and non-GMO Project Verified (like all of our products). At the same time, we wanted a snack bar that anyone could eat, regardless of common diets or allergies. It needed to be organic, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free and kosher.



PROBAR bite™ is blended, not baked, which helps maintain high nutrition levels. However to get the necessary shelf stability proved to be a challenge and a reason why most companies choose other production methods. It took 2-years of exhaustive research, development and testing to solidify six final recipes. The bars were shelf-life tested, aged for many months and reviewed for taste, texture and consistency. If something wasn’t right at any point in the process, we had to start over. Creating this product wasn’t easy but it was hugely rewarding.

So we’re excited about PROBAR bite™ because we successfully created a snack bar that tastes fantastic, uses high quality sustainable ingredients, and only costs $1.99. Challenge accepted and mission accomplished.


The PROBAR crew celebrating the launch

The PROBAR crew celebrating the launch


The day before we launched bite, company executives pulled the entire PROBAR staff together and unveiled the new product. Every employee was individually thanked for their efforts in bringing the product to market and was given a box to take home and share with family and friends. It was great to see each employee shake hands with the President and CEO for what was a massive team effort.


PROBAR president Jules Lambries handing out bite sleeves

PROBAR President Jules Lambries handing out bite sleeves


At a time when many people around the world are turning to snacks or meal replacements in place of the traditional meal, we’re are thrilled to bring the gold standard of snack bars to the market and give consumers healthier food choices.

In the weeks prior to launch, we had a variety of people test and taste PROBAR bite™:

  • “I like the smaller size and found them to be easy to eat during moderate intensity cycling.”  -Dario Fredrick, Team Director, Whole Athlete/Specialized Cycling Team
  • “These bars are SO good.”  -Kyle Dempster, professional climber and PROBAR athlete
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed all 3 three flavors I tasted. The bars looked like real, raw foods, not some amalgam of processed goo.”  -Jason Mitchell, www.feedthehabit.com

If you’re still not convinced, check out this video from 2014 Interbike. We asked people to try a sample and tell us what they thought. We think the reactions speak for themselves:



Read more about PROBAR bite™ on these websites:

PROBAR bite™ will begin showing up on shelves at REI across the country next week, and will be sold on the PROBAR website beginning October 13th.


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