Sweat Records and PROBAR®

January 5, 2008

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As more and more people are trying PROBAR® and falling in love it’s starting to show up in many non-traditional locations. Then again, this makes sense given that PROBAR® isn’t traditional in the world of meal replacement or energy bars. With real food and nearly all raw ingredients it “bucks the system” if you will, which established by bar companies of the past.Sweat Records in South Florida - Miami

So it’s exciting to see businesses like Lauren Reskin’s Sweat Records in Miami selling PROBAR®. Sweat Records is the hippest locale for indie music in all of south Florida and most recently they opened a new 1,200 sq ft storefront that includes an organic coffee bar. It’ located on NE 2nd Ave. next-door to Churchill’s.

If you’re in South Florida and you’re looking for something hip going on be sure to check in with Sweat Records as they’ve been known to throw some great shows!

Welcome to the family Lauren. We’re stoked to have you offering PROBAR®.

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