Testing PROBAR® at the Office

September 17, 2008

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Some customers are more than that – they’re like family.  When long time customer Kelly Oliver mentioned that he had been sharing PROBAR® at the office, we gave him the chance to really share the bars at the office; We set him up with a number of bars and asked him to document the flavor sampling.

The results were quite good overall.  Sure, there were the few “fair” comments on flavor and texture, but of the 30 co-workers who gave feedback 11 of them rated the bars “Excellent” and 8 of them gave them a “Very Good” rating.

One very happy PROBAR customer!

Here’s what Kelly mentioned about doing the sample party.

Kendall, I finally got the survey’s typed up. Sorry it took so long.  I wanted to say the overall feeling people had from PROBAR® was that there are many flavors to meet many peoples tastes. 

The Cocoa Pistachio was a big hit as was Kettle Corn.  I see people in business meetings now eating PROBARs for a snack.

I’ve attached some photos of the ProBar® Shrine from a couple months ago.

Kelly is like one of the family now. I’m nominating him for customer of the year! (we don’t have that yet but we should after this impressive effort).

PROBAR shrine by customer Kelly Oliver

Here are some of the feedback comments from Kelly’s co-workers.

Of Kettle Corn it was said:

Wasn’t sure what to expect, exceeded my expectations.  I was thinking it would be too much like popcorn. Good 

Of Cran-Lemon Twister one person stated:

Good taste.  I was skeptical to try these bars but they have great mixes.

 Whole Berry Blast garnered this feedback:

I would buy a lot of these as the taste is good for any part of the day

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  1. Diana Oliver

    Just wanted to first of all let you know that the guy in the picture is not my handsome husband, Kelly. It is his good friend and fellow ProBar enthusiast Brian Zaugg.
    Also, I wanted to voice my personal opinion on ProBar. I am in musicals doing dancing, singing, and performing – which can sometimes require the strength of an athlete. I also get nervous when performance time comes around, and can’t always find something to eat. The last musical I was in was during the time that Kelly had his sample set of ProBars from you. I must say that if I didn’t have the Cherry Pretzel, Cocoa Pistacio, Koka Moka, or my favorite Butter Pecan ProBar, I would not have made it through these performances. This was just the right mix of substantial food that was easy on my nervous stomach, portable, and downright yummy. Thanks ProBar! I hope to take you to Broadway with me some day!

  2. Kendall


    Thanks for your comment – and so sorry to have mistaken this gentleman for Kelly. I’ll not let it happen again. ;-)

    When you get to Broadway, be sure to remember the little people, ok? Glad to have PROBAR be a part of your performances!