Thin Air Testimonial

September 2, 2008

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Luke, our man on the road, sent me this testimonial from Trisha Melynkov-Ackerman who is the owner of Thin Air Outfitters, a company that does trekking trips to Peru. Luke had given her a Superfood Slam while at the recent Outdoor Retailer Show and this was her feedback.

I really liked the Superfood Slam bar you gave me at the show. I ate half of it when I went out training (I pack 50lbs. for a minimum 2-6 hours on the steepest vertical ski run or trail every other day).

It’s so nutrition dense, a little goes a very long way. My energy stayed level and strong without weigh down, and I burn through calories fast. Good product. Good food.

All the best,

Trisha Melynkov-Ackerman
Thin Air Outfitters

While we can’t quite say “Peru tested” I have a good feeling that our bars will soon be on their way to Peru with Trisha. Thanks for the feedback Trisha!

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