Thinking Twice About Tossing Those Pumpkin Seeds

June 7, 2007

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Sure, it’s June and most pumpkins are merely a flower right now, waiting for a bee to pollinate. Here in the mountains of Utah, the pumpkin patches look a lot like a dirt patch. But it’s never too soon to plan ahead (I know my kids start thinking about Halloween and all that candy far before October comes around) so I’m diving into the Pumpkin Seed.

Found in most PROBAR® flavors, the pumpkin seed isn’t merely there by mistake but has a clear purpose. Pumpkin seeds are rich in minerals like zinc which is important to your body not only because it is contained in nearly every cell but because one of it’s main purposes is to stimulate up to 100 different enzymes which play key roles in biochemical reactions in your body.

However, pumpkin seeds are most well known for its high concentration of magnesium.

Magnesium’s role is even more vital to your body. Among it’s functions are; stimulating 300 different enzymes, keeping bones strong, aiding in normal muscle and nerve functions, keeping heart rate steady and more. A great source of Magnesium is Halibut but you won’t find us making a Halibut flavor PROBAR® anytime soon. Instead we include other leading sources of magnesium like almonds, cashews and peanut butter (we use natural unsalted peanut butter.)

One of the recently studied benefits from pumpkin sees, tied directly to its magnesium content is that they may help to promote healthy prostate. While there is some differing opinions in the medical field regarding how much of an impact pumpkin seeds may have it’s commonly accepted that this is a true benefit.

Specific individuals that could benefit from pumpkin seeds include:

  • Anyone with prostate enlargement
  • Anyone with infertility or hormonal imbalances
  • Anyone with worms
  • Anyone with water retention
  • Anyone with cystitis
  • Anyone with osteoporosis

So the insides of that jack-o-lantern you’ll be carving up this coming October might be worth saving. Drying and baking the seeds will not only make for a great treat but you’ll be benefiting from Halloween like you’ve never done before.

Don’t want to wait until Halloween? Grab yourself a PROBAR®, enjoy some pumpkin seeds along the way and reap the benefits of including PROBAR® in your healthy lifestyle.

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