Tucson and Tires

April 22, 2006

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I always wondered where the huge pieces of shredded tire tread came from and how the big black marks appeared randomly on the highway…now I have first had experience (refer to the previous blog entry ‘man down’ for details).

An hour behind in schedule changed our plans from dropping off the RV and running to the airport in our car, to cruising to the Tucson Airport in the RV, testing TSA’s policy on huge commercial looking vehicles driving through the passenger pick up area, pulling a huge trailer, and attempting a drive-by lasso of my little sister. It didn’t take but a few seconds to spot Heather, just about when airport police spotted us. A moving, white wall is pretty hard to miss. Especially since we were taking up 6 car lengths of space and blocking a ton of traffic. The police woman motioned us forward with a gruff, ‘you can’t stop that thing here – you’ve gotta move on, NOW!’ Sara threw open the door, Heather jumped in, and off we went. Guess it helped to play dumb and pretend I couldn’t hear the officer over the low rumble of the idling diesel.

The week was jam-packed with demos, store visits, and a lot of pool time since we had a full-time si(s)tter to play with the girls. Mostly uneventful and lacking unusual surprises, we spent most of our days darting across the city with bars and kids to various locations to share samples with new comers to PROBAR®.

John Copeland, our local rep, avid cyclist and good friend, joined us for dinner and some fun activities. John’s crazy on his road bike, but when it comes to belly dancers, castanets, and strutting his stuff in front of strangers at surrounding tables, he was all but super glued to his chair and mortified by the invitation. If it wasn’t for my wife (who loves to dance) and sister (who dances for her high school team), I would have found the closest chair to John to discuss how ridiculous we would both look – John definitely had the last laugh that night at my expense.

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