Vegan Shake with Tony Gonzalez

September 2, 2009

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I’m not sure what type of person comes to mind when people hear the word vegan. (assuming “people” are not vegan) I’m not vegan but many of the employees here at PROBAR® are and so I’ve never really formulated an opinion on a certain type of person that fits that description but I did have someone once tell me that they figured vegans weren’t very strong or athletic. Oh how wrong could one be?

Enter Tony Gonzalez, (pictured below) now starting tight end for the Atlanta Falcons and 10 time pro-bowler with the Kansas City Chiefs. While I’ve heard recently that Tony is no longer strictly vegan (can anyone confirm this?) I do know that Tony has been highlighted as a vegan and is very particular about his diet and nutrition in a sport that often carries stereotypes of guys eating gobs of food high in fat and meats.


I was reading up about Tony and spied this video of him sharing his recipie for a vegan protein shake. I think I’m going to make this (without the protein) and see just how delicious it is. Props to our friends at Sambazon who not only get some good plugs here but who are the supplier that PROBAR® uses for our Acai berries that can be found in the Superfood Slam meal replacement bars.

Tony is right, the Sambazon smoothie does taste great. If you’ve not had one get one and freeze it, then let it thaw just a bit and enjoy an acai smoothie that is so good and so good for you.

And now for Tony’s shake:

–image credit NFL Draft Nation

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  1. Luke Evans

    I sent him Bars!

  2. Luke, thanks so much for dropping those bars off at the shop (Evolv). I think I’ve single-handedly pollished off the box of Berry Blast!! So freakin yummy