Viva Las Vegas

March 22, 2006

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There’s nothing quite like Southern California and not much compares to Las Vegas. Diane (our S. Cal rep) made a quick visit to the local natural foods store to pick up some lozenges and a homeopathic remedy for my throat and fast disappearing voice. With our first week of demos and store visits successfully completed, we pulled in our slide-out (term to describe the part of our RV that moves in and out to enlarge our living room), raised up the leveling jacks, released a blast of hissing air from our parking brake and started a quick trip from Carlsbad to Las Vegas.

I’m not sure where I made a wrong turn, but the distraction of silence in the RV while Sara the kids slept must have severely impacted my ability to navigate (even with a GPS) and I found our single-wide land yacht bouncing through the hills somewhere between Carlsbad, Hemet and San Bernardino. Our short jaunt from A to B turned into a ten hour expedition filled with a half hour stop to tend to an illuminated low oil lamp on the dash, a one hour detour through Hemet due to an accident, a torrential rain storm as we climbed the mountains en route to Vegas and an extra hour of set-up when we arrived due to a sewage tube (which we carry and connect @ each RV park) that didn’t have the right length to accommodate the position of the waste connection at the camp site.

It hasn’t taken long to learn that we should always expect the unexpected and be prepared for just about anything along the way.

We arrived several hours later than we’d anticipated, but it turned out to be a real treat for the girls. Arriving from southwest around 10pm provided a galaxy of dazzling lights and brilliant colors our 5 and 7-year-old daughters will never forget.

Morning knocked and we opened the door to a not so fabulous jungle of concrete at the Circus Circus KOA, surrounded by temporarily moored, engine propelled households. Sara stayed behind to piece together our puzzle of a life (once again) while I visited some of our retailers with Alexandra and Gabrielle. Since I had lost my voice the day before and wasn’t feeling that great, handing our samples and handling food didn’t seem like the brightest idea. So, we loaded up bars in the PROBAR® wagon and headed out to a few of our retailers to introduce them to our newest flavor – Nutty Banana Boom.

There’s much to say about being on the road and the experiences along the way. Many RV to see the country and catch up on dreams prior to retirement. Others check out of ‘life’ for a while to experience what occurs when home becomes much larger than a foundation and fenced yard. Me, I’m just happy to meet new people, share unique experiences with my family and see if the drive of one person on a mission can really impact the overall direction of an entire company.

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