Voyage to Lost Rocks Beach

November 30, 2008

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“It’s not all Sales-Calls and Epic RV Manuevering on the PROBAR® ROADTRIP…….we like to sneak away for some Bouldering on weekends whenever possible!”

I have to write about our most recent weekend getaway to a Beachside Bouldering spot called “Lost Rocks,”where we stayed at Kamp Klamath.


The staff was very informed about climbing in that area and even gave us a Jeep ride through the river to get to some great Rafting that eventually spits you out into the Ocean. We spotted all kinds of Birds and even a dead Sea-Lion that had been shot and just left there :-(

Only a mile away is one of the most Impressive bouldering spots I’ve ever been. We climbed Saturday, Sunday and easily could’ve spent weeks there. You can see why.


The Boulders here are Black Basalt formations that are constantly changing as Ocean waters landscape the sand around them. Flat, sandy landing zones give you the extra confidence needed for those tall or difficult climbs while waves crash in the background creating a Supreme ambiance.

Boulder beach

Water Boulder

Best weekend Ever!



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