October 1, 2006

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Two years ago after a serendipitous dinner with my brother-in-law, Cory and his longtime friend Art Eggertsen (Founder of PROBAR®), our oldest daughter picked up one of three PROBARS I brought home, peeled open the shiny, silver package and devoured the entire bar! If a 7 year old girl would eat a whole food bar full of fruit, nuts, seeds and a variety of healthy ingredients, who wouldn’t? Even my 93 year old Grandmother loves to remind me when her supply of PROBARS have “disappeared.”


There’s not a product or company that ever made it big without the help of crazy, ambitious people consumed by a passion to make it happen.

So, with frequent calls to Grandma, a few fun diversions along the way, this nutty family will continue to open shiny, silver packages in cities across the U.S.A. to share with you what our 7 year old discovered without ever knowing it…Whole Food Nutrition can and should taste great!

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