Not Baked.

Real food, made with real ingredients that taste delicious.

It's that simple.

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Set, BOLT!

Packed with B-Vitamins and Electrolytes, these energy chews will help you step it up when you need it most!

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20g Protein

Yes, they really are! These bars will help fuel you and all your high-protein needs.

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Providing nutrient dense calories and whole superfoods for long lasting energy.

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Perfect to satiate mid-day hunger. Provides an energy boost to aid in post-workout recovery.

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Packed to power you from morning workouts to race days, to mid-afternoon pick me ups.

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A great addition you can feel good about packing in your family's lunchbox or an on-the-go picnic.

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Delicious, crunchy everyday snack when you are on the go, at home, in the car or at the office.

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Food With Purpose

Built for performance, PROBAR provides high-quality nutrition to fuel active lifestyles, so whether you need a filling breakfast on-the-go, are training for a marathon, mountain biking, hiking or simply need to refuel between work meetings, PROBAR will keep you going, energized, and fueled up!

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What People Are Saying

"Finally, a clean nutritious bar that tastes like candy but the results are prime rib. PROBAR is a great snack option for those who are looking for a healthy and delicious alternative to traditional candy bars."

- M. Schwerman, Long distance runner with 40+ years of experience and 22 marathons completed

"This not only is one of the best-tasting protein bars in the market but has been a great pre-workout fuel as well as fuel for extra-long workouts. I would highly recommend this bar."

- Brad N.

"This is the most satisfying bar for me regardless of where I am. It's easy to pack and provides enough energy to skip a meal if you have to on the water, on the trail or out with friends & family."

- Steve C.

"They don’t freeze in the winter, stay soft and taste great. Always have some for backcountry skiing. It is a great snack for activities, and an excellent option for those with dietary restrictions."

- Gregg R.

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