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  • Manufacturing Spotlight: How PROTEIN is made
Manufacturing Spotlight: How PROTEIN is made

Manufacturing Spotlight: How PROTEIN is made

Curious about how our team creates your delicious snacks?

In today’s blog we want to give our audience a look inside our manufacturing facility, located right in the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah.

For today's edition of manufacturing spotlight, we will take you through the step-by-step process of how we create our PROTEIN bars.

At PROBAR, we pride ourselves on the dedication to quality and our attention to detail in the manufacturing process, to deliver only the highest caliber of products for our customers.

Unlike most energy bars, PROBAR bars are minimally processed and made with real plant-based foods that are blended together and never baked – simply put, we don’t cook our nutrition out.

Let’s walk through how the PROTEIN bar is made!

Step One: We carefully weight out and assemble the ingredients.

Step Two: All the dry and wet ingredients are mixed into our artisan vertical spiral planetary Italian mixer (try saying that five times fast). These mixers blend, not macerate, the ingredients. Most industrial blenders at other food processing plants will macerate the ingredients.

Step Three: Syrups, protein crisps, chocolate chips, nut butters are all carefully blended together.

Step Four: Product is loaded on to a cold slab lime where the rolls are chilled. It’s like a glorified play-doh factory.

Step Five: Product sets up into feed rollers followed by compression rollers to make a perfect slab for weight control and density.

Step Six: Product continues on through a cooling tunnel to set the slab.

Step Seven: The slab goes through a longitudinal slitter which determines the width of the product. We have multiple different sizes for each of our different bars.

Step Eight: The slab goes through the spreading table to the guillotine cutter to slice the bar to size and weight for quality control.

Step Nine: The bars then head down to the enrober where they take a dip in chocolate. Excess chocolate is blown off for continued weight control.

Step Ten: Bars enter a cooling tunnel for the chocolate drip.

Step Eleven: Final product is inspected again by hand for continued quality control. (Think Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory)

Step Twelve: Bars enter the hot seal fuji flow wrapper. The flow wrapper has a nitrogen flush (that’s the key) and then are sealed.

Step Thirteen: Sealed bars enter through x-ray to check for foreign objects. Most other food manufacturers use a metal detector, which is not nearly as effective.

Step Fourteen: Bars then enter the autocartoneer where the bars will enter the caddies for packaging.

Step Fifteen: The caddies are autonomically and pneumatically opened where the pusher arms will push in 12 bars. Caddy is automatically glued after this.

Step Sixteen: Caddies are sent to a case, and then finally a pallet.

Step Seventeen: Shipped fresh to your door from our manufacturing facility!

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We look forward to bringing you more manufacturing highlights in the near future!