2008 Whole Foods Natural Choice Awards

Natural Choice Awards April 2008

Whole Foods Magazine 2008 Natural Choice AwardEach year, Whole Foods unveils its Natural Choice Awards where it picks the best of the best among the various different categories of products they offer at their stores. If you’ve never been to a Whole Foods it’s an amazing array of healthy and hearty foods in addition to other health and home products. Besides it just feels good in each store.

With the unveiling of the 2008 awards PROBAR® was beyond excited to learn that we were chosen as the Nutrition Bar of the year!

PROBAR® is the perfect example of necessity giving birth to invention. Art Eggertsen was living at a famous Utah ski resort working as a natural food chef and snowboarding regularly when he found himself in need of better nutrition to fuel his days on the slopes. A nutrition advocate for years and known to locals as the “Food Coach,”Art set out to design his own high performance meal-replacement bar. The end result was PROBAR®, and the first flavor, (Art’s Original) was born.

Art’s Original PROBAR® is one of seven flavors. The nutrition bar is made from certified organic whole, raw foods and is 100% vegan. Each PROBAR® flavor guarantees 15 whole-food ingredients and tastes like trail mix in a bar. Art’s Original combines great taste with whole grain goodness, chunky nuts and moist, delicious fruits that satisfies the appetite for hours, says the company.

Whole Foods Magazine 2008 Natural Choice Award