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5 Tips For Adventure & Landscape Photographers

5 Tips For Adventure & Landscape Photographers

In this two part PRO-TIPS series, we are happy to share photographers Gavin & Brigid's best tips.

SF Bay Area-based photographer/cyclist/trail runner Gavin Murray shares some pointers on getting comfortable with adventure photography.

📱 I've found that the most critical factor when it comes to on-bike/on-run photography is finding a setup you feel comfortable bringing on your adventures; if that's solely your phone, great! I have a rotation between my iPhone, pocket camera (Ricoh grii), and mirrorless camera(fuji xt2).

📷 I do a once-over on my camera before heading out to check battery life, SD cards, and settings. Becoming familiar with my gear kicked my photography game up a notch. It's worth playing around with settings like exposure, this includes on your phone, and don't be afraid to make "mistakes".

🌅 Shooting at sunrise and sunset is an easy way to add some pastel-colored goodness to your photos, but there's never a wrong time of day to shoot. In the heat of the day, look for interesting shadows and reflections. Play with movement by focusing on a subject (like your riding/running partner) and dropping the shutter speed while on the move to blur the background. I always make sure to pack a snack. There is nothing worst than waiting for the perfect lighting and being distracted by hunger!

PROBAR PEAK and BOLT are easy to carry and delicious.

😯 I think the images that I like the most in my photography and other photographers' work aren't necessarily just grandiose vistas but are often photos that show something special about that ride/run.

Try to highlight something YOU find compelling rather than a "Instagram" moment. We are so overly saturated constantly with new media on our phones and computers, it's easy to lose our style. Stay true to your work!

🐶 I challenge myself to take at least one photo per adventure, including just taking the dog for a walk. Photography is a great way to slow down and appreciate the world with new eyes. 

Alberta based photographer & hiker, Brigid, share her best tips to help us enjoy and improve our landscape photography!

📐 Ensure your Composition is pleasing to the eye (follow the rule of thirds, make sure your horizon is straight, and if possible, use a pretty foreground) 

🌅 Although all times of the day can make for beautiful pictures, I love shooting late afternoon, golden hour, and sunset. Lighting has the ability to really make a scene pop. 

🤩 Pay attention to photographs on social media that you yourself are drawn to and determine what it is you like about them. Play around with the manual mode and find out which settings work for the light you have. 

👀 Get off the beaten path and find something unique.

🎉 Have fun! Don’t stress about missing that sunset, there’ll be another one tomorrow and enjoy a snack!