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5 Tips For Adventure Photographers

October 06, 2022 1 min read

5 Tips For Adventure Photographers

SF Bay Area-based photographer/cyclist/trail runner Gavin Murray shares some pointers on getting comfortable with adventure photography.

📱 I've found that the most critical factor when it comes to on-bike/on-run photography is finding a setup you feel comfortable bringing on your adventures; if that's solely your phone, great! I have a rotation between my iPhone, pocket camera (Ricoh grii), and mirrorless camera(fuji xt2).

📷 I do a once-over on my camera before heading out to check battery life, SD cards, and settings. Becoming familiar with my gear kicked my photography game up a notch. It's worth playing around with settings like exposure, this includes on your phone, and don't be afraid to make "mistakes".


🌅 Shooting at sunrise and sunset is an easy way to add some pastel-colored goodness to your photos, but there's never a wrong time of day to shoot. In the heat of the day, look for interesting shadows and reflections. Play with movement by focusing on a subject (like your riding/running partner) and dropping the shutter speed while on the move to blur the background.


😯 I think the images that I like the most in my photography and other photographers' work aren't necessarily just grandiose vistas but are often photos that show something special about that ride/run.Try to highlight something YOU find compelling rather than a "Instagram" moment.


🐶 I challenge myself to take at least one photo per adventure, including just taking the dog for a walk. Photography is a great way to slow down and appreciate the world with new eyes.