BOLT Variety 12-Pack

The BOL Variety Pack has something for everyone. We’ve taken our best flavors of the BOLT® organic energy chews and packaged them together in one box. Enjoy a different pouch of chews every day, or introduce someone to your favorite flavors.

Variety Pack Includes

2- Berry Blast
2- Orange
2- Cran-Pomegranate
2- Pink Lemonade
2- Raspberry
2- Strawberry

Nutrition Information

  • 24g Carbs
  • USDA Organic
  • Vitamins B & C
  • Electrolytes

*Nutrition and ingredient facts shown here may differ from what you find in stores. Please refer to the actual packaging for current information for this product.

Quality Ingredients

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Andrew C.
Great energy chews!

I use the Bolt chews cycling, running and hiking. They give me a great shot of energy when it is needed and the taste great!

Shawn S.
Bolt to Go....

The Bolt bites go everywhere... in the truck, in the lunchbox, in the back pack, in the desk at work. when I start to feel the afternoon drowsies coming on they help me push through


Excellent product, go for it without doubt

Tom D.
Outstanding product

While I enjoy the Bolts on occasion as a 63 year old weekend warrior, the true test of their value is from my son, who's just finishing 6 months of USMC The Basic School School in Quantico, Virginia. He spent a good part of the last six months living and running and rucking and sleeping in the woods. They've been a lifesaver for him, he says. Perfect blend of energy and taste and nutrition.

Neva M.
So yummy!

My boys grab a pack or two when they head out to go mountain biking. They would eat these all the time but they have caffeine so I limit their intake. They are delicious.

Hi Neva! BOLT Berry Blast and BOLT Raspberry contain caffeine, and the rest of the flavors do not. We love seeing PROBAR on the trails and very much appreciate your feedback and support!

Good taste

Love these things. They taste good and provide good fuel. I use on bike rides. Easy to open and eat while riding.

Michael n.

When I received these I didnt really check them out to well. The first order were soo good and very soft and last order some were soo hard(almost as if they were old/or stored wrong)I felt they would pull my fillings joke. I really dont understand how the 1st order was great but this order so terrible. I like the probars but the chews I wont not buy again.

Kurt M.
Awesome product!

These are top-notch and tasty treats that make a huge difference prior to my swimming, biking, and running sessions.