BOLT Variety 2.1 oz. Pouch 12-Pack

Can’t pick a favorite flavor gummy to keep you energized? Don’t worry–you don’t have to. Our variety pack keeps your body energized and taste buds happy with all 6 mouthwatering flavors of BOLT® energy chews. Keep them on your desk at work or in your backpack for a natural boost that’s packed with electrolytes, and B vitamins. With our 12 pack of gummies, you can share your favorites with a friend or try a new flavor before, during, or after each adventure.

Variety Pack Includes
  • 2- Strawberry
  • 2- Berry Blast
  • 2- Orange
  • 2- Raspberry
  • 2- Pink Lemonade
  • 2- Cran-Pomegranate

*Nutrition and ingredient facts shown here may differ from what you find in stores. Please refer to the actual packaging for current information for this product.

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